Welcome to the DPS Digital Storytelling Course

Digital Storytelling combines the art of storytelling with the array of digital tools available to integrate images, sound, music, graphics, along with the author's voice to communicate compellingly in a media rich environment. In this course participants will learn how to differentiate between Digital Stories, Photo Essays, and Digital Storytelling. Participants will engage in the Digital Storytelling process themselves in order to better understand how to engage students in becoming effective Digital Storytellers. Digital Storytelling can be used to enhance learning in any curriculum area to deepen understanding and promote critical thinking and communication skills.

Essential Question:How can Digital Storytelling process enable me to develop and assess stronger communication and critical thinking skills in my students?.Participants will understand:

  • the difference between Enhanced podcasts, Photo essays, and Digital storytelling
  • how to connect and creatively adapt the curriculum to assess students' content knowledge
  • the techniques for ensuring academic rigor
  • and engage in the digital storytelling process
  • how to use the tools needed in the Digital Storytelling process

Participants will be able to:
  • create a lesson plan incorporating Digital Storytelling process for an upcoming unit in the curriculum
  • create their own effective Digital Story
  • create a rubric for assessment of Digital Storytelling projects
  • determine uses of Digital Storytelling to support all curriculum
  • increase confidence in his/her ability to teach and assess through the Digital Storytelling process