Module 1 1/31 & 2/7

What is D.S and why is it so damn special?
The writing process
  • topic choice,
  • timing, pacing
  • Revision
  • Rubrics
  • Standards
Setting deadlines
  • individual vs. group
  • recognizing individual strengths within a group.
  • learners and processes
Screenshots of tools.
takeaway: choose topic and find 3-5 pictures for next week)
Ideally bring in a paragraph

CHoose topic and pictures from selections available: Ideas

Module 2

Bring in: rough draft and a couple of sample pictures (3-5)
Revision, locating usable media on the web

Pictures: Illustrate, Illuminate, enhance
  • Finding pictures
  • Choosing media
  • Copyright/fair use/citation
  • Individual work time
  • Rubric adjustment
1/2 hour writing time
Revisit tools and schedule for classes/sign in at end of class

Have pictures, find two more min. using web options.
Intro to 2 tools 1 mac 1 PC: moviemaker & imovie
Start putting it together

Module 3

Putting it all together
Where is everybody in the process?
  • Editing,
  • pacing,
  • coaching
  • getting it to fit
  • The rubric

Rough cut
Now think about the content and how you want to set up your lesson plan
music, pacing, voiceover.

Module 4

Standards (on rubric)
Creating the lesson plan you will share with your librarian
How would you change the rubric?