Below are some resources for you to use as you create your own digital stories

Make sure you are being responsible users of information...Use photos that are labeled for re-use or else cite your sources for pictures and music. Here's a link to a quick MLA guide:

tutorial videos

Presentation Tools

Easy to use audio editor for PC's
Online audio and image editor. Some bandwidth issues.
Mac Only
Edit images and video to create your story.
Windows Only
Edit images and add sound
Garage Band
Mac Only

Software download for K-6

Story Corps
This is a list of resources for interviews. Also take a listen to some of the stories.

Music Sites

This is a one-stop shopping option for students with sound effects, screen capture, music and video editing options.
10 free music sites
Last 100
Ten sites for legal free music for use in podcasts and presentations.
Royalty Free Music .com
Sign in as an educator and download dozens of free stock music clips.
Free Byte
This web site offers links to free music, software, music lessons, and sheet music.
Mus Open
Free Public Domain Classical Music. Access to copyright-free Mp3 files and sheet music.
Freeplay Music
Free Play Music is a great site for school multi-media projects. You can browse music categoriess with over 2500 tracks of music
Pod Safe Audio
PodSafe Audio is a webite run by a collective of musicians who create music and share it for the purpose of fair-use in podcasts.
The Free Music Archive
Initially funded by The New York State Music Fund, this archive contains a number of common use music in a variety of genres.
Sound Bible
Offers a ton of sound effects, sound bytes, and clips.
Sound Effects
Need sound effects? This list will direct you to a variety of sources.
Find sound effects by keyword (i.e., "creaky door")
Free SFX
A large searchable collection of sound effects for podcasts.

Photo options

Advanced search
By choosing the advanced search option, students can set Google to search for pictures licensed to share.
Copyright Friendly wiki
This page offers links to a myriad of copyright-friendly search options.
Offers free photos for education
Flickr's Creative Commons
Flickr's collection of photos for use by the public.
Another Flickr service with photos for use
A search engine that allows the user to find pictures according to license
Peer Editing Guides

Peer Edit With Perfection
A complete lesson guide from ReadWriteThink! Assists with guiding students through the entire process.
English 10 Peer Editing
An online handout that can be modified for your classes

District Planning Guides
District Planning Guides
In case you don't have them in front of you, here are the districts planning guides

Using an iPod? The Thumbtack mic may be a handy tool: