When taking kids through the process, it's important to remember the golden rule: Every project will expand to fit the space allotted.

You need to give the students enough time to do a good job, but you need to be firm on the deadlines or it will never get done.

Writing will take up about 50f the process.

Bernajean Porter (digitales) breaks this process down into four key phases:


  • Creating the voiceover
  • Learning and working with the technology
  • Putting it all together

  • Fine tuning
  • pacing, animations, transitions, volume levels
  • Double checking for relevance, quality

  • Sharing with the class!

If you give your kids enough guidance, they can all be in different phases of the project at different times according to their creative processes and still all finish by the deadline.http://www.digitales.us/resources/seven_steps.php