Digital Storytelling can be a great tool to enhance any lesson and encourage students to become creators of information.

As you move through the process, it's important to keep a few things in mind:

Ask your librarian for help;
Your librarian is an information resource who can help with many aspects of the project, from the technology, to the web 2.0 tools, to the information kids need about copyright and fair use.


Have the children as prepared as possible before you sit down to record.
  1. Write the script
  2. Revise the script
  3. Using the storyboarding technique, block the text and choose appropriate pictures
    1. Make sure to stress the importance of staying organized! Most film maker technology pulls the files in from the folder and if the kids do not save properly, their hard work could be for naught.
    2. Tip: Consider setting up a shared school server space account for each grade level or class. Your school STR can set this up for you through DoTS. Then students can save to a shared folder and files can be accessed from any computer in the building.
    3. If the kids are using flash drives, expect them to be left behind or forgotten at home at least once.
    4. Consider using an online file saving option, like google docs, Media share, or Senduit.
  4. Train the kids on the technology.
    1. If you are on Mac computers, you will likely use imovie and/or garage band for your story editing
    2. PC users can choose to record the script using audacity or aviary
  5. Allow for the time it will take to choose appropriate music and sound effects, but encourage the students to pull together the sequence first.
  6. Conference with the students before the final version is due.
    1. How's the pacing?
    2. Do the pictures illustrate, enhance or illuminate the story?
    3. Is the music appropriate and convey the correct emotions?
    4. Are sound effects appropriate?
  7. If you are including a second component such as embedding on a wiki, post the directions on that wiki. This way, if the student loses the assignment sheet, it's waiting there online.
    1. Make sure the rubric is clear. (post that on the wiki, too)


Some important rubric considerations:

  • Did the students label their presentation correctly?
    • name
    • period #
    • title
    • teacher
    • brief description

  • If pasting the series of links on the wiki, did they follow directions correctly?
You can find some customizable rubric options at this website: